By: Jack Hockenberry

In Salt Lake City tonight Northwestern’s  Men’s basketball team experienced a tough loss to No.1 ranked Gonzaga in the 2nd round of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The loss ended the team’s amazing season they were having.

Also this was Northwestern’s first time ever making the tournament. The game itself was special especially the last couple minutes with Northwestern trailing Gonzaga only by a couple points.

After some back and forth action between both teams Northwestern began to make their move but in ended with a controversial outcome and frustrated head coach.

After the game during a press conference with the media Northwestern’s  coach Chris Collins expressed his feelings about the ending of the game saying that “he was sorry about losing his cool and running on to the court as well as yelling at the officials”.

The reason why Collins ran on to the court was because of a bad call the officials missed   which was when Northwestern’s center Derek Pardon was going in for a dunk and Gonzaga’s  Zach Collins stuck his hand above the rim to block it but instead of it being a block it should have a goal tend.

This play unfortunately had a huge impact on the result of the game and if the officials would have made the right call Northwestern might have won the game.