By: Jade Lewis

Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge spent six hours removing legs that stuck out from a baby’s neck and back due to a parasitic twin that never fully developed.

The baby’s name is Domonique, a 10-month-old from Ivory Coast, West Africa who would’ve became paralyzed with weak organs if the surgery didn’t happen.

Dr. John Ruge from the surgical team says, “It’s as if the identical twin sort of dove into her body from the back and the only part sticking out were the hips and legs.”

Dominque’s parents learned about Children’s Medical Missions West which is a Christian organization in Ohio that’s “created out of need to serve indigent children around the world” by helping children who needs medical treatment unavailable to them in their own countries.

Dominique is healthy and smiling after her successful surgery and now has the opportunity to live a full life and is awaiting until she’s medically cleared to return back home to her family.