Madeline Bounds

The hunt for Tom Brady’s Super Bowl winning jersey is finally over.

The quarterback of the New England Patriot’s jersey went missing after the game in February, where it was last seen in Brady’s locker.

After scrolling through hours of security footage, and with the help of the FBI, the Patriots and NFL security teams recovered the missing jersey from Mexico.

The man who was in possession of the jersey, Mauricio Ortego, was the editor of a newspaper in Mexico City and had gained credentialed access into the locker room for what officials believe is the 3rd straight year.

Investigators also discovered Brady’s jersey from the super bowl win over the Seahawks in 2015 and a helmet from Super Bowl 50 that belonged to Denver Broncos star, Von Miller.

Ortega has not been arrested or charged, but could possibly face charges with transporting stolen goods out of the country.