By Chaela Krueger

Louisa Rieger is not only starting her first year of college at Eastern Illinois, but she is also starting her first year of school in a different country.  She is from Germany, and is one in about 30 students at the school who are receiving an education from a different country.

Knowing much about the international program and having multiple international friends, it was no surprise to her the 1:30 student ratio.

She loves being in America and notices many similarities in our cultures, but also many different ones like the food and the schooling.  “In Germany, school seams a little harder and more intense.” She said.  “English is required to learn [in Germany] at a young age.”

From what she sees in her international friends at Eastern, she believes all of them have carried a strong work-ethic with them from their previous countries.  Louisa thinks there is a respectable amount of students from other countries, and she enjoys being different and teaching people about her country, culture, and language.  She also believes she has learned a lot from students here as well.