By: Jack Hockenberry

In state students at Eastern Illinois University  compared to out of state for the 2016-2017 school year.

Eastern had a total enrollment in 2016 of 7,415 students. The ratio for in state students to out of state would be 1:7,415.

“According to Jake Haberer a senior from Missouri I decided to go Eastern because of baseball and the legacy my family has here at Eastern Illinois.”Currently Haberer is pitcher on the Men’s baseball team.  Haberer said he likes how he gets to play baseball and go to a school that mean’s a lot to him and his family.

When asked why didn’t you go to school in Missouri? Haberer responded by saying “I wanted to get away from home but not too far.” Haberer said Eastern allowed me that option. Haberer is just one of the many students here at Eastern who is from another state

Currently Eastern Illinois has 39 states represented on its campus as well as 40 countries. Eastern hasn’t always had such a diverse campus but over the past couple years more students have decided to go to schools out of their state boundaries.

Recently Eastern has been one of those schools. According to Haberer “it doesn’t matter where you came from because it the end we all bleed blue.