O’Boyle stands overlooking the scenery while exploring her new home in Wurzburg, Germany.

By Rachel Benda

The total enrollment for EIU, as of the 2015- 2016 school year, stands at 8,520 students, of those students, 170 are choosing to go across the country and immerse themselves in different cultures, sophomore Jennifer O’Boyle is one of them.

O’Boyle has always been one to go out of her comfort zone and isn’t afraid of much. “I wanted to challenge myself and see how I can do on my own for months, it’s exciting to me.”

Since she was in high school she’s always had a love for her German classes so when she decided to major in German and Education she only felt it was right to study there. Although, she believes you don’t need any prior language classes to study abroad.

“There are many different programs right for any major and person”, she said. Right now, O’Boyle is studying with a group of EIU students who are not enrolled in any German classes. The Study Abroad Office and specific majors offer different programs throughout the year.

O’Boyle believes that more people should be studying abroad because it has already helped her grow in so many ways. “it’s an amazing experience and I wish more people would take the chance.”

Since arriving in Germany, O’Boyle has learned a lot about herself she didn’t realize before.

“At first I was scared and didn’t want to get out there but once I met people and realized all the new things out there I couldn’t stop”, she said.

O’Boyle believes that studying abroad makes young adults more independent and well-rounded people. “Not being ignorant to the world around you is something you’ll need for the rest of your life”, she said.

The Study Abroad office is located in Blair Hall 1207.  Their website has over 500 programs to 56 different countries where there is something for everyone on campus.