By Brianna Welk

The ratio of African-American students to students of non-African-American descent is 1 to 6 at Eastern Illinois University, causing some to feel under represented.

Lookman Olowo, junior business major, said that campus is fairly separated when it comes to involvement outside the classroom. Olowo is a member of the Fraternity Sigma Nu and describes the Greek Life here as “social segregation.”

“We could do more to promote diversity and involvement if everyone became a voice for minorities,” said Olowo.

Another example of under representation was given by Cassady Jackson, a junior journalism major.

“Coming from a predominantly black neighborhood, it took me a while to get used to everything and specifically black history month wasn’t celebrated here as much,” said Jackson.

U.S. colleges are now looking at ways to increase diversity on campus. One way to combat this issue is to be active in representing the diverse students at EIU and go outside your comfort zone.

“We have less of a voice as a culture, and when we positively express ourselves, it is rarely recognized by campus,” said Olowo.

Jackson and Olowo agree communication is a key issue all groups can work on to be more inclusive and accepting of all students.