By Emmanuel Ayiku

Eastern Illinois University student to faculty ratio is 15:1. Even though the state refuses to pass a budget and enrollment rates decreases, this ratio allows students more interactions with their professors.

Fallon Kitchens, Special Education major said, “I think that is important when students go to school to have a relationship with their professor”

Even though Illinois has not passed a budget for a year and a half now Eastern still supply their students with quality education with a 32% graduation rate.  This student to teacher ratio makes Eastern Illinois University better than some intuitions in Illinois.

Many students find it helpful to have less than 20 students in a class, “I know it has been helpful to me and having a small ratio helps me to get my professor better.  It helps you to be more successful in class.”

It is no just about getting through the class, but to learn the information and that sometimes comes with having one on one time with the professor.

At Eastern, relationships are not built just outside of class but even in the classes room as student seek to gain knowledge from professors.