The 20 sports teams on Eastern Illinois campus make up 447 athletes, which means there is 1 athlete to every 19 students.

EIU athletics is a close-knit community but according to Anne Hughes, a Sophomore volleyball player, it seems to her that it is a big group on campus.

Hughes said that even though being an athlete is a huge responsibility and takes up most of her time, she does not feel any different from the other students on campus. “At the end of the day, I’m still taking the same classes, studying just as hard, and involved in other college activities just like everyone else”.

It might seem as if the ratio between athletes and other students is big, it really does not change the fact that they are all still normal students.

Being an athlete at EIU is a privilege, but can be extremely time consuming. Along with classes and maintaining a social life, athletes must fit in practice, weights, conditioning, team meetings, games, and more into their everyday schedule.

Although athletes have a lot on their plate, they make it possible to be a normal EIU student as well.

“Even though playing volleyball takes up most of my time, I was still able to join my sorority, Alpha Phi, and other organizations on campus which before college I never thought I would be able to do while being an athlete here,” Hughes said.

On the Panthers website, you are able to keep up with the athletic rosters, their schedules and more.