Coles County Board of Elections                                           Immediate Release: Nov. 30, 2016

Office: Voter Registration Office
Representative: Benjamin Leman

Address: 157 W. Washington St., Charleston, Ill.

Office: 217-555-1212
Cell: 217-867-5309


Registering for the upcoming primaries

With the municipal primary elections approaching, the Coles County Board of Elections released instructions and guidelines to ensure a smooth process for registering to vote in
the local community.


The deadline to be a registered voter in the municipal primary is April 16, 2017, with applications needing to be postmarked by that date.  For applications, voters can call the Voter Registration Office at 217-555-1212 or email a request to  For information regarding the primary candidates, go to

The form cannot be submitted online and must be filled out and mailed to the County Voter Registration Office, 157 W. Washington St., Charleston, Ill.  Registration forms are also free of charge.  Applicants must indicate any name change, address, and or party affiliation.

Also available on the same email and phone line are absentee ballots for those with illness, disability, or anything preventing voters from going to the polls on election day.

Applications for absentee ballots must be received by May 8 and be returned to the county courthouse by 5 p.m. three days after.  Ballots must be received in person or through the United States Postal Service.

For further questions on the voting process or questions in regards to election day, please contact the Coles County voting representative at 217-867-5309.