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Alaska Is Warming Twice as Fast as the Rest of the U.S.

Climate change experts predict that many Alaskan towns will no longer be towns soon. With Alaska heating up twice as fast as the rest of the United States, the people who live there are going to have to make some crucial decisions. This is evidence that climate change is real and people must act on it. The warming is caused by bad gases being trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. These gases are from the human life that calls Earth their home. Finding ways to help slow this warming is crucial to human existence.

The Alaskan government claims there are 31 Alaskan villages at risk of being destroyed by the heating of Alaska. With the results given by the experts, the government is predicting some areas will be uninhabitable 2050. These are crucial fishing villages that are being lost.

The relocation of a small village which only 250 people live in was estimated to take $200 million. This is causing many villages to vote on whether or not they will pay the price of moving somewhere safer or risking their lives to stay.

In Alaska, 2 villages have already chosen to relocate whenever they come up with the money. Other towns are waiting to vote.




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