At Eastern Illinois University there is a 2:1 ratio that for every two students, one of them is the first generation in their family to go to college. This wasn’t the case with Elly Tark and Choy Hangbeom Choi, two international students from Korea. Both came to college after the influence that their parents went to college. 

Tark said “It is common for people to go to college in Korea, it is mandatory for people to go to college and work.

Tark explained the atmosphere of Korea colleges being stricter and more authoritative rather than discussion based and hands on like here at EIU.  

Tark said “Class is silent and we just listen to the professor, we do not question him or give opinions.”

When speaking about the classes here Tark was excited about the difference, she said she likes the way EIU classes are run.

Choi said “There is a lot of discussion, and we love it!”

There are organizations on campus that allow people to discuss and grow in diversity like the Korean Students Association.

Although college is mandatory, Tark and Choi really enjoy attending college at EIU.