JJ Bullock

Radio News Script


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It is no secret that  many things happening around Eastern Illinois Univeristy may seem like doom and gloom. But despite the dips in enrollment and lack of a budget one area of the school is still thriving.

Recreational Sports on campus are still serving around 20 –30 percent of the student body and are largely surviving the budget impasse. Said Eastern’s associate director of rec sports Kevin Linker …”I try not to let the budget dictate what we offer…However, in team sports, we still have the same sports, but for example, we had more participants, we had more teams… We are down a little bit on teams, but still again roughly the same percentages. So therefore, there’s not as many games.”

The department hasn’t been totally untouched however, while it still offers 48 sports and continues to grow in events offered, Linker said this, “The budget touches everybody…The crisis started kicking in three years ago, so maybe the leadership knew that they needed to save money, I don’t know, but we haven’t had a director… We had our secretary, our only secretary, we are supposed to have two, we had her released last March when they had the layoffs… We were a staff of five or six actually, and now we’re down to two and we’ve been that way for three years now.

So as you can see the department hasn’t been untouched,  by the budget they have had to cut staff. But they still have 48 sport sand they haven’t had to cut any. The University used to employ around 100 referees but has had to cut that number down to 30.