By Wil McClure

For quite some time now the male to female ratio here at Eastern Illinois has been more girls than guys, matter of fact it is 2 to 3.

I think that it can be very beneficial for everyone. It is a good ratio to have on a college campus. For the most part it is a pretty even lay out and it has been a good thing overall for our school.

One positive is that having this ratio brings out the best for all of us, coming from a social aspect, in the classroom and for professors as well.

It also gives males and females a chance to become lifelong friends with each other, as well as being able to help each other out in the classroom. It gives professors a chance to relate to both genders and help them out with their classes along with their grades.

Kevin Kroll, a student here at EIU said, “When you are walking around on campus, you notice that it is in favor of the females, and coming from a guys perspective it is not a bad thing.”

He is right about this in the fact that when one walks around on campus you can definitely tell that there are more girls than there are guys. It has been this way for awhile now and I do not believe that it is going to change anytime soon.