Students are surprised when presented ratios about Eastern Illinois University.

There are many ratios about Eastern Illinois. It can vary from race, gender, student, faculty, financial, and etcetera. Some ratios stood out for Eastern Illinois University student Megan Taylor.

Taylor elaborated on the ratio 1:2 first generation college student to regular students. “Well I did not realize how many people’s parents did not go to college. Having this many people who are first generation college students shows how much education has grown.”

Taylor also elaborated on the ratio 15:1 student to faculty (average class size= 17). “I like seeing this ratio as low as it is because I appreciate how personal, and small the classes are.”

These ratios show students how diverse Eastern Illinois University’s campus really is. Another ratio that Taylor commented on was the ratio 18:1 non- honors to honors students.

Taylor said, “The ratio seems high compared to how many students are enrolled here as a whole. So there are actually a lot of honor students on Eastern’s campus.”

The students are surprised by ratios about their own school. While some of the other ratios are accepted like the ratio about student to faculty. If you want to see more ratios about Eastern Illinois University head to EIU ratios