By Ariel Anderson

Eastern Illinois University’s enrollment is 7,415 with a male to female ratio of 2:3, this ratio may be a big deal for some, but for others, they simply do not notice this number when on campus.

John Ultreras, a senior Chemistry major, never thought twice about this ratio. He says that he has a very diverse group of friends, that include both males and females, and he actually thought the ratio could go the opposite way, meaning more males than females. John is very involved on campus and as a senior he knows the ropes of Eastern pretty well, so to know that he has not noticed there are more females than males says a lot. “I’m always at the gym, the union or the dining halls and I always see equal amounts of males and females and even my friend group is even with the amount of females and males, so this ratio kind of surprised me, but it does not really bother me either way.”

Photo taken by Ariel Anderson. A diverse group of students eating at Late Night Pizza in Thomas Dining Hall.

John transferred from Eastern to DePaul University his sophomore year and transferred back to Eastern last year, as a junior. He said at such a huge school, like DePaul, he could not tell that the numbers were even between males and females and with almost 24,000 enrolled to the university it did not matter either way, if there were more males or females. “Male and female ratio is not something you really notice because there are so many other students and activities, you just go with the flow.”

John’s roommate and friend, Brandon Rodriguez, a senior Business major, said that the numbers do not matter to him, as long as there are other students he can be around, he is fine with that. The ratio never bothered him, nor has he ever noticed the ratio on or off campus. Brandon said, “Does it really matter the ratio, as long as we’re all students, going to class and here for the same thing, a degree, it should not matter.”