By Juan Rafael Sindac

The student to faculty ratio at Eastern IL is 15 to 1 due to state budget cuts and the decline of enrollment rates. The learning environment of students were affected and how they are able to interact with their professors and colleagues.

“Well, I think it’s awesome that they advertise low ratios because that’s good. You get to have a more personal relationship with your professor instead of being in classes with hundreds of students”Alexa Gallione, a 20-year-old Junior transfer education major said.

“But at the same time, the ratio is down because the enrollment rate is down. Personally, I don’t have classes that have less than 30 students per professor. For lecture classes, I have close to 70 students, and I have three classes like that. I think the advertised student to faculty ratio is even smaller.”

Students have taken the advantage of being able to create a better relationship with their professors since it is a lot easier with the lesser amount of students in their classes, which aids in their academic journey towards their Bachelors’ degrees.

“I think it’s better to have smaller classes because it gives the professor a chance to get to know everybody, and it’s easier to have a relationship.” Gallione says.

Building relationships is important in the college experience and for the most part, students keep their head up by having a positive attitude for what the school has despite the result of the state budget cuts and decline of the enrollment rates affecting not only Eastern IL, but other universities in the state of Illinois.