By Angelica Cataldo

According to Eastern’s key publication facts for 2016, the gender ratio of male to female students is 2:3.

This means that for every three female students enrolled two male students are enrolled. This totals in 3,407 male students to 5,113 female students.

“It’s encouraging to know that more females are not chained to the kitchen and they are able to come to school and survive on their own and get their own education,” sophomore journalism major Analicia Haynes said.

While students, like Haynes think it is a positive quality, senior psychology major Kamille Hayslett felt it was also a draw back for diversity and ideas in the classroom.

“(There’s) definitely more women” Hayslett said. “It’s not just in my major that I’ve noticed it; it’s in all my classes.”

Untitled from JOU2101 on Vimeo.